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Effective February 7, 2022, all individuals who obtain a commercial learner’s permit must complete a mandatory ELDT course before they'll be permitted to take their CDL skills test or (for a HazMat endorsement) their knowledge test.


Overall Pass Rate

30+ years

Faculty Average Industry Experience


Successful Students

98.5% Pass Rate

“Our development team of highly experienced commercial driving experts have perfected this CDL Testing System down to a science.”

Huge shout out to thousands of our satisfied students!

Dear Future (or Current) CDL Driver:

We understand why you are here. For you, test taking may not be your strong point. Your whole life you have struggled with test-taking. Your stomach churned and you skipped school knowing you had to take a test. Or….it may be that you already have your CDL License and now need to upgrade. There are a variety of reasons that may require you to take an ELDT CDL test:

  • To get a job because you are unemployed.
  • To keep your job. (Even though you have bent over backwards for them.)
  • To upgrade your CDL License.
  • To drive a School Bus as a part time job.
  • To drive a Sanitary Truck.
  • You need to transport more than 15 people in a vehicle.

Whatever your reason for landing here, we want you to know that we are here to help! We have been helping people just like you everyday for the past 15 years. Many of you are are confused about the new ELDT CDL Test Rules .

We TRULY believe that the solution to your problem is just minutes away and is available for less than tank of gas. We offer this with no risk to you! Pass or your money back!

To Your Success,

The old Way....

Hours and hours of studying the Tennessee CDL Handbook is becoming a thing of the past with the new ELDT Mandate!


The NEW Way....

CDL TEST TURBO 5.0 is the most advanced system available to obtain your ELDT CDL training certificate.

“I absolutely love the way CDL Test Turbo works. It’s easy, simple and made passing my Commercial Drivers Test fun. The courses made getting my ELDT Certificate fast. There’s no way you can’t pass using this. Highly recommended!”
Satisfied Customer
"CDL Test Turbo is one of those Software and apps that genuinely delivers results! It is something I used a lot to pass all the required courses needed for my Class A. The ability to launch the courses needed is amazing. I Love the fact that it gives you the quizzes for the Tennessee CDL Test. Anyone serious about getting a CDL needs to definitely get this software or app."
Happy Student
"The best thing about CDL Test Turbo is that it includes EVERTHING. No matter what you are wanting to drive, you will have all the CDL Test prep needed to pass. It even included videos which I definitely needed. This is something I would recommend if you’re looking to to become a Semi Truck Driver"
Satisfied Customer

Time Is Money...

Why Spend Weeks Hoping To Pass!

Our FMCSA CDL VERIFIED online TURBO TRAINING offers a system backed by years and thousands of hours of CDL EXPERIENCE from our trainers.


Instead, just open CDL TEST TURBO, follow each required lesson … go pass the actual CDL Test!

… and now it’s NEVER been easier!!!



Now is the time to get your CDL!

There is shortage of 80,000 drivers this year. Truck drivers are averaging between $6,000 to $8,000 a month. Take the first step today.

Here Are Actual FACTS We Have Learned
About The 2023 Commercial Drivers Test!

* Many are totally confused with the new ELDT Mandate and what steps to take or where to start.

* All ELDT Trainers MUST be on the FMCSA approved provider list. CDL TEST TURBO has been officially approved to provide the CDL Theory online course.

The “Free CDL Practice Tests” online are of no use any longer since the new ELDT mandate took affect.

* Most believe you have to pay over $3000.00 or more in a classroom setting to take the CDL Theory course.

* Others are charging over $300.00 for online CDL Theory Training.

Let us walk you through the complete process from START to FINISH!



Log in to CDL Test Turbo

Launch CDL Test Turbo 5.0 and log in to start your ELDT training modules.

Access Your Personal Dashboard

You will have your own personalized Turbo Dashboard that will keep track as you progress through the ELDT Course. Start where you left off or review past lessons.

Study each lesson at your own pace

You are able to study each lesson at your own pace. When you are finished simply click continue.

Test out after each lesson

At the end your lesson you will be shown a quiz to test what you have just learned. Simply click on the answer you feel is correct and click the (check) button to proceed. 

See your results after each quiz

After your answer each question you are shown if your answer was correct or incorrect along with further feedback.

Immediately know how you did

Upon each Quiz completion CDL Test turbo evaluates your test and lets you know if you passed or failed. 

Receive your ELDT Certification

After you have successfully passed all lessons in CDL Test Turbo ELDT Online Theory Course you receive your downloadable certificate. We then instantly send your results to the National FMCSA Database.

And We Guarantee — You Will Pass, Or It’s Free.

We KNOW it works — because we’ve tested and perfected this over and over for the past 15 years. We’ve seen the results it brings. There is literally nothing that can compare with this breakthrough CDL Training system.

You’ve heard from others how difficult it is to pass the cdl — you’ve skimmed through the Tennessee Handbook dazed and confused — and KNOW it’s essential you pass in order to keep food on the table.

Now you can walk into the Tennessee Commercial Drivers License Test Station, with complete confidence knowing without a doubt you are armed with EVERYTHING you will need to pass!

And I personally GUARANTEE you won’t find a better tool or option ANYWHERE to receive your CDL ELDT Certification.

However, if after using CDL Test Turbo 5.0, you aren’t floored by how easy it is to use, and you do not pass, then I insist you contact our rapid response team for an instant, no-questions asked, FULL refund.

Or if you find any question not in CDL TEST TURBO 5.0…

… then you are entitled to a full refund.

No questions, no quibbles, no fine print. 

Pass or Your Money Back!

We Have You Covered!

CDL TURBO Works on Mobile and Computer


All Devices

Works on ALL computers, phones, and tablets.


Our design team have made this system super easy to use! You do not need to be a computer or app whiz.

Simplified Training

We break each module down to terms you will understand along with videos included to further explain what you will need to know.


CDL Turbo can be accessed while riding in the car, during commercial breaks while watching tv, or even waiting in line at the grocery store.

Pass Gurantee

You will pass using CDL Test Turbo or we will refund 100% of your membership cost!

Incredible Support

Have questions or need help? Just click on our support chat, email us, or give us a call.

 Get Instant Access to Tennessee CDL Test Turbo Today!

 Just Pay As You go:

An Tennessee Certified ELDT Provider



From: Bill Jacobs
Sent: Tuesday, January 22, 2023 19:08

Dear Sirs,
I recently lost my job at an animal products company that I had been employed at for over 16 years. I had no idea where to turn to find employment. I rode out unemployment for 6 months and finally answered an ad in the newspaper for a company looking for drivers of the Worlds Longest Party Bus. I thought this looked like a fun job and the pay was good.

The only problem was I did not have a Class A, Air brakes Endorsement, or a Passenger Endorsement on my License. In a panic I found your Site on the Internet and felt this CDL Test Prep was my best bet. I downloaded your CDL TEST AND ANSWERS. I crammed all night (I MEAN LITERALLY ALL NIGHT!!!) and went to the CDL and asked to take all 3 tests. The lady looked up at me and asked if I was sure I wanted to take all of them on the same day? I said I have nothing to lose…let’s go for it. I am sure have already guessed the outcome…I PASSED ALL 3 and as they say the rest is history.


You have my permission to use this testimonial if you want.
Bill J.

Get Instant access to Tennessee CDL TEST TURBO 5.0 right now!



Just Have Fun With It!

Let’s face it, studying just plain SUCKS…

> How do you come up with the time to study?

> How do you find which provider to take the ELDT CDL Course?

 >And what if it doesn’t work?

NO WORRIES! Why not just start today and and secure your future. Have fun with it :).

So many people miss this — >you don’t need to bore yourself to death till the wee hours!

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Trucking School
COST$69.00$4,000 - $8,000
TIMEStudy at your own pace! Monthly membership (cancel at any time).Two-week, 80-hour course on average!
COVENIENTAble to study on your own time and your own pace. Will not need to commit a week in CDL ClassesWill need to sit through hours of classroom training to take your written CDL Test.
STAY FOCUSEDWith CDL Test Turbo you are able to go back and review any topic you do not fully understand.Many feel it is boring and hard to stay focused sitting in a classroom setting.
INSTANT FEEDBACKAfter each quiz you will receive instant feedback to know how you are doing.Will receive either a pass or fail.
PASS GUARANTEEWe offer a 100% PASS GUARANTEE!Most CDL schools don't offer money-back guarantees.
SUPPORT OFFERED Support before and after your purchase!Limited support.
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2023 Just Added Bonus

CDL Lesson Videos

  • We took CDL TEST TUBO to the next level! 
  • Each lesson now has a video at the end of each lesson.
  • Proven to help you retain the lesson material.
  • From the top CDL experts in the field.

We have all your bases covered.


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School Bus






This Isn’t Our First Rodeo.. 

We Have OVER 30 Years in the Commercial Vehicle Industry…

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