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Our goal at CDL TEST is to give our students a solid foundation of commercial driving knowledge and skills that make safe commercial drivers. Through the use of lessons, videos, dynamic quizzes, and storytelling, we help students remain engaged in our ELDT courses as they become safe, responsible and confident commercial drivers.

how CDL TEST started

“Entry-Level Driver Training Simplified”
Our company was started in 2006  after the founder had to renew his CDL license and relied solely on the CDL Manual to pass. Needless to say, he did not pass.
Even though he had obtained his CDL License 20 years and had a vast amount of driving experience. The manual was just not enough. After he asked around, it appeared he was not alone.

A CDL Software Company Was Born

After hours of research, the conclusion was reached that about 75% of the states CDL Manual had not been updated in quite some time.
In addition, the questions on the test were worded in such a manner that it was practically impossible to rely on the just the handbook.
In 2006 the DELUXE CDL TEST Software was created and launched on the internet. Each year we have continued to grow mainly due to word of mouth from our passing students.
In 2022 we were approved by the FMCSA for the online ELDT Course we are now offering. 

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Cdl Test Turbo has been providing CDL Training online since 2006. We are now a verified FMCSA TRAINING PROVIDER.