CDL Passenger Bus
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ELDT Passenger Required Course

ELDT Certified Course required to get your Passenger Endorsement.

Course Content

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1.1 Post-Crash Procedures
1.2 Other Emergency Procedures
1.3 Vehicle Orientation
1.4 Passenger Bus Pre-Trip
1.4 Passenger Bus Engine Inspection
1.4 Passenger Bus Interior Inspection
1.4 En-Route and Post Inspections
1.5 Fueling a Passenger Bus
1.6 Idling and Passenger Bus
1.7 Baggage and/or Cargo Management
1.8 Passenger Safety Awareness Briefing
1.9 Passenger Management
1.10 Americans With Disabilities Act
1.11 Hours of Service (HOS) Requirements
1.12 Safety Belt Safety
1.13 Distracted Driving
1.14 Railroad (RR)-Highway Grade Crossings and Drawbridges
1.15 Weigh Stations
1.16 Security and Crime
1.17 Roadside Inspections
1.18 Penalties and Fines
Passenger Certificate