Air Brakes Check

Air Brakes Check

Aside from you, the driver, air brakes are the most
important safety component.

As part of your pre-trip inspection, you must check to
ensure to brake system is functioning correctly

  • Air compressor cut-in/cut-out
  • Air leakage rates
  • Low pressure warning
  • Spring brakes check
  • Rate of air pressure buildup
  • Parking brakes check
  • Service brakes check

Air compressor cut-in/cut-out

Air compressors:

  • Maintain enough air pressure in the air tanks.
  • Prevent damage from over pressurizing the air tanks

Typical cut-in is at 100 PSI and cut-out at 125 PSI.

  • Verify manufacturer’s specification on your CMV

Check by stepping on and off the brake pedal in succession.

  • When air pressure gauge drops below 100 PSI it should start building pressure again but not exceed 125 PSI.